About Seirios

Seirios is the trusted advisor to some of the world's leading businesses, governments and institutions. We work with leaders and organisations across the private, public and social sectors. Our scale, scope and knowledge allow us to assist in a unique way. We deliver value by providing our clients insight from multiple perspectives.

We build capabilities and leadership skills with full personal commitment; at every level and every opportunity. Seirios is an inspiring team of influential senior consultants, delivering its services worldwide with respect for cultural differences. Our professional services are in high demand. We apply strict client acceptance procedures, thus funnelling scarce knowledge and expertise to critical challenges.

Corporate responsibility

We have a clear vision of Seirios' role. We believe we should use our skills and our resources to become fully involved in finding sustainable solutions to global and local issues, working alongside government, civil society groups and national and international agencies.

This vision is in line with our values — where we make a commitment to the communities in which we work. Therefore, we support in various ways individuals and organisations that truly make a difference for other people and society as a whole.