Seirios takes a creative and thorough approach. We are respectful and challenging; professional and passionate; focusing simultaneously on organisations and on people, enabling us to achieve dramatic and lasting results in a globally connected world. Seirios’ field of excellence and expertise is where the actions of people have a direct effect on the outcome.

We serve some of the biggest industries based on the number of people these industries employ and their impact on individuals, firms and economies. We look at the business side of people and the people side of business. Seirios is also hired by governments and government agencies. Wherever and whenever leadership is required, we are there.

Progressive leadership & organisational development
Seirios helps organisations develop optimal structures and processes for capitalising on emerging opportunities and challenges. We evaluate the composition and performance of boards and management teams, and recommend individual and group development plans for achieving long-term business objectives.

Business catalysis
Through ongoing research conducted in support of our core functions, Seirios has cultivated a wealth of intelligence. Our clients can leverage this knowledge base to identify merger and acquisition targets, find strategic partners, select distributors and acquire agents. We help boosting business and set the stage for success.

Intercultural dynamics
We help leaders manage and solve their intercultural and managerial dilemmas to increase global effectiveness and performance, particularly in the areas of globalisation, mergers and acquisition, HR and leadership development. The reconciliation of dilemmas by using a systematic approach to look at the differences and similarities in relevant (national) cultures is the point of departure in our approach.

Talent incubation
Seirios assists organisations with managing talent, both on a corporate and individual basis. We provide strategic human resources and organisational consulting services. We also assist young executives and high potentials on an individual basis with exploring and unlocking their potential as an individual and professional. We help them to become outstanding professionals and true leaders.